• About the Founder | Leo Bados Jr.

    An immigrant from San Pedro Sula, Honduras that moved to the U.S. with his parents and siblings in 2005. Leo Bados Jr persistently chased the american dream and became a published author, leader, expert sales trainer, businessman, and consultant for start up entrepreneurs in the United States.


    He is the Founder of Agent to Agency QL (Forinsurancepeople.com). A platform and software management company that allows insurance brokers to build, own and lead their potential or current insurance agency in a completely new way. Leo Bados Jr. has been able to continually apply his online expertise to insurance brokers all across the United States. He is introducing the idea of efficient connection of today’s technology, for a more profitable future with insurance people.

  • What is AA-QL?

    AA-QL stands for Agent to Agency Quantum Leap. It is an Information Technology & Software Service company that helps insurance people build, own, and lead their business online. Having an online business is becoming more prominent as time goes by. AA-QL gives insurance people the opportunity to take advantage of the swiftness, low cost, and efficiency of the internet.

  • Agent to Agency QL Custom Platform Has All the Features You Need To Grow and Maintain Your Insurance Business Online

    Domain Names

    Use one a domain you already own, so your clients know who they are buying from.

    Quote & Application Form

    You can send clients your link and form will get pushed to your email from your online platform to notify you.

    Agent Portal

    Organize your insurance carriers in one place for easy access to all of them. Saving you time and effort.

    Remote Access

    Have the ability to present and showcase your portfolio of products to you clients remotely.


    Control your online agency with the click of a button. Adding and removing features or restricting access.

    Duplicatable Sites

    For an agency with a team of agents, allow your team to have their own online profile and unique link to share.


    Every site is protected and encrypted with SSL technology to secure your clients information.


    Our software allows for any insurance agent or agency to design their platform with any products or team size.

    24/7 Customer Support

    You will have access to our support team by email. We will be able to fix/edit your platform within 24 hours.

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    We can show you how we can help your insurance business by scheduling a LIVE demo with our team.